eternity (1) (2024)improvising ensemblevar.Locus Ensemble, Evoke Tattoos, Chicago, IL 5.25.24
what form will the spirit take (2023)baritone electric guitar, bass clarinet, violin12 min.Prague Quiet Music Collective, Zamek Troja, Prague, CZ 6.24.23neon moon (2023)bass flute, soprano saxophone, accordion, piano, violin, cello15 min.Schallfeld Ensemble, Klangspuren, Schwaz, AU 6.18.23[LINK]on a clear day (2023)violin, piano6 min. unperformed driftless, 1 (2023)flute, bass clarinet, cello9 min.New Music Mosaic, Rose Bowl Tavern, Urbana, IL 2.26.23The Harvest Manual (2022)sixth-tone harmonium15 min.Miroslav Beinhauer, Microfest Prague, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, CZ 4.29.23 [LINK] burnt canvas (2022)piano, violin, cello19 min. unperformed, reading by Talea Ensemble, reading by Talea Ensemble,  [LINK] motionless rite (2022)four-hand piano4 min.Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Berkeley Piano Club, Berkeley, CA 1.29.23Meditation: Psalm 23 (2022)narrator, bells, organ8 min.CCDC Bell Choir, Church of Christ at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 3.17.22 [LINK] the eternal feeling (2021)flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello25 min.Composers Conference Ensemble, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 7.27.21 [LINK] The Departure of Time (2021)piano with four e-bows35 min.Jack Yarbrough, Composers Conference, Waltham, MA 7.25.21 [LINK] it’s all real (2021)two piano, two percussion12 min.Yarn/Wire, NUNC! 5, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 4.23.23 [LINK] something is happening (2020)flute, piano, electric guitar, cello11 min.Ensemble Dal Niente, DePaul University, Chicago, IL 7.12.20 [LINK] dissolved through the fields (2020)tenor saxophone, accordion, cello7 min.Trio SÆITENWIND, ReMusik.org Festival, St. Petersburg, RU 7.7.20 [LINK] clavier-übung 1: prelude and fugue (2019)piano, stereo fixed media20 min. Jonathan Hannau, Constellation, Chicago, IL 1.31.22 [LINK] Orgelbüchlein (2019)organ, stereo fixed media25 min. Graeme Shields, Second Reformed Church, Kalamazoo, MI 8.2.19 [LINK] The Problem of the Surface (2019)double bass, piano, stereo fixed media12 min.Micah Stoddard & Jack Langdon, DePaul University, Chicago, IL 5.18.19 [LINK] the end of saro (2017)chamber opera (libretto by Vashti Kalvi Daniel)40 min. The St. Olaf Lyric Theater, Urness Hall, Northfield, MN 5.16.17 [LINK] cataract (2017)large concert band11 min. The St. Olaf Band, Skogland Auditorium, Northfield, MN 4.19.17  [LINK] forest/cathedral (2016)organ, 4-channel fixed media16 min. Jack Langdon, Skifter Hall, Northfield, MN 2.28.16 [LINK] The Serenity Prayer (2016)mixed choir3 min. KC VITAs Chamber Choir, Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, MO 8.16.16 [LINK]
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