Sauk County Solstice
runtime: 81 minutes
UHD video, stereo, color

Filmed in one day during the solstice, Jack and Jim Langdon witness scenes of quietude in Sauk County, Wisconsin: the county where their father grew up.

sound by Jim Langdon
music by Jack Langdon



Lumia One
runtime: 68 minutes
HD video, silent, color

A film about lenses, movement, and light.
Created for “Quiet Comfort” at Comfort Station Logan Square.

premiere: 8.31.23

A Common Rhythmruntime: 34 minutes
HD video, stereo, color

A document of urban development patterns, this one focusing on the redevelopment of the 
North Branch Industrial Corridor into the eventual Lincoln Yards mixed-use development project.
The momentary qualities of each stage of development are captured in each film of this larger project:
visual forms of the built environment in various states of decay and construction, the everyday theatrics
of people moving about the streets and sidewalks, and the resulting sounds of all of this motion and change.

filmed on May 30th and 31st
Chicago, Illinois



“Distance” by Jakob Heinemann
runtime: 5 minutes
HD video, stereo, color

A video created for Jakob Heinemann’s composition “Distance” from his 2023 album, Opacity.
The video features material rerecorded from Stan Brakhage’s film “The Wonder Ring.”

Filmed in Chicago, IL

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